close the deal

Close the deal

A unique way of 
selling your property

For a number of years, we have been working according to our own unique sales formula 'Close the deal' for certain sales. With this concept, we work together to ensure a smooth sale at maximum market value and with a 95% success rate. How does it work exactly? With this bidding formula, all visits are concentrated on one visit day. In consultation with the seller, we set a starting price with a lower limit. We use the necessary marketing tools to announce the sale. There is one bidding round and one chance to buy the property, against a certain deadline. Really interested buyers will make their best bid immediately and sellers will know where they stand. A win-win for both parties.


Properties through Close The Deal

close the deal
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Modern villa


This villa is being sold under the "Close the Deal" system with a starting price of €825,000. There is a unique visit opportunity on Saturday 18 June from 14h-17h - appointment required. Each visitor...

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