Proud partner Race of the kilometre at Varsenare

Snelkoers Varsenare


In the year 1902 the ‘brugian section’ of the Automobile Club des Flandres (ACdF) started. One member of this club was the Baron Camille van Caloen de Basseghem, who was also the mayor of Varsenare. Being an enthusiast of automobiles he started the initiative for a speed race in Varsenare.
This competition took place in the ‘dreef ter Straeten’, which was the road between the estate of the Baron and the village church. After a run-up of 300 meters the competition started. The race was 1 kilometer and finished next to the entrance of the estate. It was a lively event with many spectators, and it even attracted participants from France and England. 120 years later is the perfect time to bring

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